Workshops for Productivity and Efficiency

What is this?

I provide half-day to two-day workshops focused on optimizing productivity. I will customize half day or full day workshop to fit your group’s specific needs.

The information is science based, presented in entertaining ways, and geared towards results.


Optimizing Productivity and Efficiency Workshop

These days many employees feel slightly out of control and overwhelmed. This workshop will focus on empowering the participants with the tools to optimize their productivity and efficiency.

Participants will learn how the science of productivity applies to their strengths, weaknesses, and life, and will then have the tools to create a strong approach to the core tenents of productivity, which include: Goal Setting, Routines and Habits, Time Management, Accountability and Consistency.

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Team Productivity and Efficiency Workshop

This workshop will begin by focusing on the science of  individual productivity, and how this applies to the participants, and we will then layer on the elements critical to strong team productivity and efficiency.

The objective of this workshop is to identify opportunities, as well as current blind spots, limiting beliefs, or weaknesses – and then chart a customized team approach to optimize individual contributions and team results.

Workshops will be tailored to your specific company/industry needs.

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"What if you were always as productive as the day before a vacation?"

"A motivational quote never changed a life"

"I wish I had procrastinated and stayed on the couch surfing Facebook" said no one ever

"Because not everyone is going to wake up at 5:00am"

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