Working From Home. Well.

Working From Home + Wellness

We help people who are working from home during the global pandemic bridge the gap between what they should be doing and what they are actually doing in order to stay healthy, engaged, committed, driven and productive.

We make sure the right intentions don’t just stay intentions. The company wins, the employee wins.

This custom program is the fastest way to get your workforce in control of their personal productivity and effectiveness.  If your team or organization is relying on a remote workforce and you can’t afford the usual ramp-up time it takes people to figure it out, let’s have a conversation. 

The Hidden Gap

Your employees are smart. They know what they need to do at work to perform at their best. They know what they should be prioritizing and how they can best structure their days around what needs to be done. Everyone knows what they SHOULD do, but does that mean that they are doing it?

Likewise working from home may have added some extra complications with regards to healthy habits.

There are millions of articles with advice on “How to Work From Home” and the advice almost always highlights taking care of your mental and physical health. Mental and physical health have a huge impact on people’s energy, engagement, productivity, and performance levels, as well as helping with focus, creativity, resilience, stress, and burnout amongst other things.

But here’s the thing, even though people know that prioritizing their health can positively impact every area in their life, and they even know how they can do it, a lot of people aren’t doing it.

Everyone knows that these things will be good for them:

  • Eat well
  • Healthy sleep habits
  • Exercise
  • Stop procrastinating
  • Connect with others
  • Time block
  • Meditate
  • Take screen breaks
  • Practice gratitude
  • Connect to your values
  • Commit to unplugged time
  • Journal
  • Decluttering
  • Getting Organized
Why aren’t we all doing this?


We Turn Intention into Action

Your employees have great intentions. How do you help people move past intentions and get onto action?

This is where we can help. Our program, which is comprised of workshop modules, a training workbook, and individual one-on-one coaching time we will help the participants:

  • Identify hidden obstacles
  • Identify personal drivers
  • Determine long term and short term personal priorities
  • Create a personal plan to build the right habits

Why Coaching?

The coaching approach is the fastest way to get results, and designed to bring out what’s in the best interests of the business, as well as integrating the ongoing well-being of the workers.

We coach individuals with proprietary tools and frameworks rooted in the latest science in the fields of psychology, business, and neurology. Through the program, participants will build the systems they need in order to facilitate their productivity on an ongoing basis, as well as the tools to adjust as circumstances dictate.

The Wellness + Productivity Link

Over 80% of large companies have wellness programs. The research is clear that physical, mental, and social well-being are connected to the ability to show up consistently in a high functioning capacity. This includes:

  • Being clear-headed and focused on the priorities
  • Maintaining energy levels
  • Being organized
  • Communicating
  • Staying connected
  • Consistency

What’s less clear, is the impact of corporate wellness programs on employee habits. One study of 160 worksites found that there was no significant difference in health-related behaviours and outcomes between employees who had a wellness program and those didn’t, including sleep habits, food choices, and exercising.

And then 2020 hit. People are working from home significantly more, and everyone is dealing with the complications of a global pandemic. Not only is there a fundamental inescapable uncertainty, but people have had to create new habits and deal with completely unexpected challenges. Some examples that come up frequently include:

  • Trying to work while homeschooling or general parenting
  • A shared workspace with a partner
  • Not being able to go to the gym or yoga (and not wanting to do online classes)
  • Having to figure out new logistics for eating and cooking

Even when people have the greatest intentions it can be difficult to consistently execute, and working from home can add complications and distractions that are seemingly out of our control. Our brains are set up to favour planning over follow-through and learning to override this preference isn’t about motivation. The solution resides in building the right habits at an individual level, with ongoing evaluation and tweaking as needed.

Intense focus on building these habits sooner rather than later will save companies countless hours in wasted productivity.

Alignment: Goals, Systems, and Individuals

For a company to thrive with a remote workforce the following three pillars must be factored in:

  1. The Business: Businesses differ in their needs and set-ups, but they all have specific systems and requirements to which all people must adapt for the business to thrive. Examples: Software systems, reports, etc.
  2. Working Together: Working from home introduces new expectations as well as new norms and behaviours. It’s important for there to be clarity and for everyone to be on the same page. Examples: Communication expectations and style, hours of availability, etc.
  3. The Individual Work: There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the “best” way to work from home. Mastering working from home requires a deep understanding of one’s own individual drivers both internal and external, self-discipline, self-regulation, and constant evaluation and tweaking.