One Week Challenge:
Waste Zero Time Online

Do you ever waste time that you can never get back on the internet? Or do you ever wish you hadn’t wasted that time getting sucked into the endless click vortex?

If not, congratulations, you are a special unicorn.

For everyone else, let’s tackle this challenge and see what happens if we cut out ALL extraneous web surfing activities for one whole week. Furthermore, let’s include mindless surfing and scrolling while waiting in lines or commuting. So what’s your web vice? My primary Achilles heel is news analysis websites, but I can also get sucked into anything that decontructs pop culture… and of course I’m guilty of abusing social. It’s amazing just how much scrolling you can do and how much time can be flitted away. Have you ever heard someone say “I wish I had spent more time scrolling and clicking mindlessly on the internet”? Probably not because when you think about it, it isn’t actually very relaxing or rewarding. You don’t feel refreshed afterwards.

Rules of the Challenge:

  • Do not go on any of your “time wasting” websites for one week – even during relaxing time
  • If you need to use social media for work, limit your use to a scheduled time each day – I will allow myself 10 minutes a day for Facebook and Instagram scrolling
  • Anytime you are online, ensure there is a reason
  • If you are tempted to use the web for some relaxing downtime, think of a different OFFLINE activity

Tips and Tools

Clicking on our favourite apps and bookmarks can become almost an unconscious choice, which is why it’s important to prepare for the challenge, and ensure that you don’t accidentally begin surfing. To help, here are some tools and tips:

  • Use a site blocker and put all of your guilty-pleasure websites on the block list – I use Self Control which works on Mac
  • Use a Feed Blocker for Facebook (desktop) – this is amazing if your job requires you to use Facebook, or you want to use groups or messenger but don’t want to be tempted to scroll the feed. I use Feed Killer app for the Chrome browser
  • Turn off all social media notifications
  • Put social media apps deep in your phone, not on the main screen, so that you have to work a little to get them
  • Move any easy access bookmarks so that there is not a habitual click

Good luck!

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Weekly Round-Up


Tribe of Mentors – Tim Ferris Distilled tidbits of wisdom from the best of the best in all different walks of life. I’ve been saving this book by reading it one entry at a time as a part of my morning routine. I’m surprised at which entries are thrilling me.


Jimmy and the Moon  – Stephen Stanley You must check out this album. If you want to chek out one song I reccomend “Next to Me”.


Women and ADHD – Distraction with Dr Ned Hallowell Ned Hallowell is the man when it comes to ADHD and this is a great Q&A focusing on women and ADHD.

Emilie Begin: Plaid Paddle Woman of the Week

This wonderful woman, who happens to be turning 30 today, has been winning at life by taking risks and creating a whole new life for herself. She moved cross country to San Francisco and made it her home, she is always up for new adventure big or small or culinary, she discovered that she is good at spin class, she makes us laugh with enviably funny commentary on everything, and she is one of the kindest and most generous people I know. Lucky to call her my cousin. Happy birthday Em!