General Private Coaching

One-on-one general private coaching focused on your specific needs.

What is General Private Coaching?

I coach people who want to transform something in their life and are ready to commit to it.

The transformation can range from someone taking their business to the next level, leaving the corporate world, making a shift in their personal life, or even just getting out of a rut and figuring out what’s next.

I work with professionals, entrepreneurs, and creatives, as well as people who have no idea what they want next.

Our coaching sessions will be customized to focus on your specific needs and core elements to be addressed will include:

  • Creating clarity around goals, and developing a focused vision for your desired future
  • Identifying blind spots, limiting beliefs, and impediments
  • Understanding your personal productivity profile & preferences
  • Guidance for a sustained focus on your goals, and consistent effort towards achieving them
  • Recommending systems and tools in order to optimize your daily productivity
  • Working on organization, planning, and time management
  • Providing accountability for ongoing progress
  • And providing encouragement to go forward into the unknown, where the greatest rewards are waiting (I apologize if I sound like a motivational poster from the 80’s)

Successful coaching is predicated on finding a coach that’s a good fit. Book a conversation and we can chat, I will tell you specifically what we would address, how we would address it, and you will find out of this is the right step for you!

Private Coaching Packages

Private coaching packages include working with me 1-on-1 for six months over Zoom for one hour a week.

You will start seeing results quickly, the six months are to give you the chance to deeply practice and incorporate what you learn, and to practice using the tools even when life gets in the way or when the novelty wears off.

This one-on-one private coaching will help you get clear on what you want short-term and long-term and will provide support and accountability to create meaningful change.

The coaching will be customized to target your specific needs and will evolve as your needs and framework grow.

We will work together to get you unstuck, focused, and excited about achieving your goals.

What I Coach On:

I have experience and proven results with the following:

Career Shift: For people who are seeking a different career, beginning a new entrepreneurial venture, or working towards a new job.

New Phase Now What? Are you entering a new phase of your life and you aren’t sure exactly what you want it to look like? This is for you

Shiny New Life: If you’re ready to build a new life on your own terms after a breakup or divorce (or if you’re making a decision about a current relationship).

Productivity, Habits and Mindset: Anyone who feels stuck or capable of more and would like to reset and learn how to create an organized mind and the right habits.

Entrepreneur Growth: Keeping you focused on the right priorities,  and building your ability to identify both hidden possibilities, as well as obstacles. Growing your business with growth mindset tools such as quick and efficient decision-making, confidence, and self-discipline.

Coaching for Getting Unstuck: Feel like yourself at your best.


In Their Words:

I have broken free of the trying to try loop, have gotten more clarity on my vision and have made great progress in implementing changes and improving my life for the better. My habits are aligned with my goals, I have learned to question my limiting beliefs and improve my thoughts. I have learned so many incredible tools that have helped change my life for the better and the coaching has definitely sped up my progress than if I was doing it alone.


I’m typically a very resourceful person but the lockdown was so demotivating I found it hard to stay focused. Through the process I was able to identify a way to solve my own challenges and implement a plan of action. Today I’m feeling much more productive and getting things done.


I’ve experienced a noticeable shift in how I approach challenges and have incorporated a variety of creative problem-solving strategies learned in the coaching program to move through my blocks.
Stephanie is fiercely dedicated to and 100% engaged in supporting my success and to ensuring I stay on track and accountable to myself above all else.


Openness and Courage

Above all these are critical components because meaningful change requires the courage to think in new ways and the willingness to try new things.


A successful coaching relationship requires a serious commitment to the process from both parties, as a result, what you get out of this will be determined by what you put in.


Momentum is only acquired through repeated effort over time. For this reason there are no short-cuts, no quick fixes, and  in short, cramming doesn’t work.