The Transformation Collectives

Are You Ready to Make a Meaningful Change in Your Life?

I coach the best women. These women all know what success feels like, and they all know that to keep growing and building on success you need to work at it. otherwise it’s really easy to get stuck or be complacent. Coaching helps make that both easier and more fun. My coaching groups bring together interesting women from the corporate world, entrepreneurs, artists, and women who are in-between and need to figure out their next step. No forced sharing, I respect that people are different.

Do any of these sound familiar?

“I need to get out of this un-inspiring job! I’ve been looking, but I haven’t really made a consistent effort to find what I really want and go for it.”
“I want to get serious about my business and take it to the next level but, it can be difficult to focus on the end goal and not get caught up in the day-today.”
“I love working independently and don’t miss the cubicle, but I could use some consistent accountability and motivation to keep me focused, excited, and on course.”
“I’ve been planning on making these changes in my life forever, but life keeps getting in the way. It’s becoming a bit of a rut and I need to make a change for real.” 

Actually, the Right Time is Right Now

What is this all about?

What could your very best look like? What would happen if you made the decision that you really wanted to go for it – whether it be making a significant change in your life, working towards an exciting goal, or even figuring out why you might have been feeling stuck or complacent.

When you look out to the future you really want, what would you love to see? How is your career? Who do you spend time with? What do you make time for? How have you contributed to the world? How do people see you?

Are you struggling with structure and accountability?

How often have you thought “I’m so busy right now but when ____ I will ____”?

It’s so easy to get caught up in the busy and let life happen to us while we rush to do it all. Sometimes it’s hard to define what we really want, or it’s difficult to take the first few steps. Often it seems impossible to stay on track and be consistent and motivated in our efforts to create something new.

Real change isn’t about one big breakthrough and dramatic act, it boils down to the tiny intentional decisions that we make each day.

This four month coaching program is designed to help you identify and clarify what you want to achieve, provide concrete methods to help you move forward, as well as providing ongoing support, accountability, and motivation. And it will be fun. Topic examples include:

  • Goals and Vision
  • Habits and Discipline
  • Self Image
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Procrastination vs Prioritization
  • Decision Making and Momentum
  • Your Financial Mindset

*no jerks allowed

Successful coaching is predicated on finding a coach that is a good fit for you. If you are ready to work with a coach, book a no-obligationĀ conversation to see if it is a fit.


Monday Morning Transformation Collective

Program Details


  • Designed to provide tools, systems, accountability, and structure to help you build and maintain momentum to achieve your goals
  • Fourteen online live video sessions (*easy to use free app software) at the same allotted time each week – at sign up choose one of:
    1. Mondays 6:45am EST
    2. COMING SOON: Mondays 9:00am and Tuesday 8:30PM ESTĀ 
  • Each live group video call includes a theme based lesson, an exercise, followed by a discussion (no forced sharing)
  • Participants will be given weekly assignments to deepen their understanding of the material
  • One or two private coaching session each month (based on program choice)
  • A la carte special rates for additional private one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Access to a private Facebook Community Group
  • Holidays rescheduled

"What if you were always as productive as the day before a vacation?"

"A motivational quote never changed a life"

"I wish I had procrastinated and stayed on the couch surfing Facebook" said no one ever

"Because not everyone is going to wake up at 5:00am"

Book a free 30 minute conversation to find out more, and to determine if Plaid Paddle coaching is the right fit for you!