One Week Challenge:
Eat Greens Twice Every Day

Apparently eating more of the good things makes it easier to eat less of the bad things.

I don’t like throwing value judgements around like confetti and calling foods “good” or “bad”, but at this point I hope that we can all agree that people generally feel better when they are eating a lot of vegetables, than when they are eating a lot of sugar. 

Some people are fabulous with moderation, but it isn’t my strength and sometimes I go a little crazy with the sugar. I almost always have the intention of cutting down on it and sometimes I succeed, but my results aren’t consistent. This week instead of commiting to cutting the sugar, I will commit to eating green vegetables (not green candy) twice a day, just to see how I feel, and to test the hypothesis that the focus on the positive will lead to other positive choices. 

I know – in terms of internet food challenges this is pretty anti-climactic, but I just don’t have the mental space to do one of those hard core 30 day eliminate every songle bad thing for you, and I do belive in incremental change. 

Rules of the Challenge:

  • Eat two servings of green vegetables every day – prefferably not all at the end of the day.

Tips and Tools

  • Plan ahead
  • Try to make it fun – I’m actually excited about trying different recipes
  • Have some easy stand-by options

Good luck!

Weekly Round-Up


The Woman Upstairs – Claire Messud Compelling and ominous so far.


LP  – You must watch this video… Chills. Went to see her play this week and her voice is insane, as is her swagger.


My Instruction Manual – Keith Arthur I worked with Keith when I was in corporate land and I just stumbled accross this gem! Great guy, and I’m enjoying going through all of these interviews focused on living better.

Jana Reid: Plaid Paddle Woman of the Week

The Plaid Paddle Woman of the Week is the amazing and interesting Entrepreneur Jana Reid.

I met Jana a long time ago when we were both in the corporate world, and neither one of us felt 100% connected to what we were doing. Watching Jana take control of her career on her own (sometimes stubborn) terms has been inspiring. I love seeing how much thought she puts in to how she approaches things, and seeing the staggering amount she can accomplish on limited time while raising little humans …

Jana is the the founder and CEO of Modern Rascals – Check out their bright and fun gender neutral kids clothes from ethical companies practicing sustainable fashion: