Kickstart: No Limits

How to identify limiting beliefs and overcome them.

March 30th – Toronto

Date: March 30th 2019
Time: 11:00am-4:00pm
Location: The Peacock Pub in the heart of Little Italy – 582 College St
Ticket Price: $90.00

What are you Assuming to be True?

What stories do we tell ourselves that keep us from going for it? What have we been told about ourselves that we’ve internalized and believed to be true? Are these stories and messages actually true?

From the patriarchy defining what kind of woman you should be, to your parents’ expectations of you, to the way we talk to ourselves, the messages we receive about who we might be can run deep and keep us from living truly vibrant, authentic and present lives. Join us for Kickstart: No Limits as we discuss how to overcome Imposter Syndrome, entrenched beliefs that do not serve us and oh — how to get over our own bullshit.

 Nadine Silverthorne will start us off with her own brand of story/truth telling, followed by a group activity lead by success coach Stephanie Marshall. After a refreshment and snack break, we’ll continue with an incredible panel of Wonder Women! Tracy Moore (host of Cityline), Kate Hilton (author of Just Like Family and Hole in the Middle), Avery Francis (recruiter and risk queen) will share their stories and tips for getting past the tricks our minds play on us and tell us how they’ve turned perceived limits into success drivers. Then back to Stephanie as she leads us through a workshop on the science of mindset and how to rewrite the negatives into empowering positives. We’ll finish off with an intimate group discussion and you will leave with a fresh perspective.

 *Post-session Accountability

Don’t worry, we won’t let you forget about this… we’re including a follow-up live video call in April to check-in!


Nadine Araksi

Nadine Araksi (formerly Silverthorne) has spent nearly two decades creating click-worthy content and digital strategies for media companies, apps and websites. She has worked for exciting brands and publications like,, Alliance Films, Canadian GeographicCanadian Family, Random House of Canada and She spent many happy years at Today’s Parent, helping drive the success of that brand in the digital and social space with the best people in the business (and got to offer her two cents on parenting, daily). She is currently the Director of Product Management for Rogers Publishing and thoroughly loves being a boss lady.

After navigating her youngest child’s rare disease and subsequent hospitalization in 2013, followed by the breakup of her marriage in 2017, Nadine found solace in the communities and friendships she had cultivated over the years. Always on one journey of self-discovery or another, Nadine hopes to share her experiences of moving from darkness to light with courage, kindness and gratitude with those who are ready to listen and use them as a catapult for their own journeys.


Stephanie Marshall

Stephanie Marshall is a transformation and mindset coach, speaker, and the founder of Plaid Paddle. She coaches interesting women who have decided that they want to take control and change something (or multiple things) in their life either in one-on-one sessions, or in group programs. Stephanie loves stirring the pot, encouraging people to get out of their comfort zone, and leading people towards what makes them feel that they are at their best.

Previously Stephanie worked in the digital content, marketing, and strategy space as an independent consultant, in the agency world, and in the media sector. She has worked with brands and companies including Shoppers Drug Mart, Rogers Media brands (publishing, radio, and TV), Molson, Trojan, Royal Bank, Holt Renfrew, and CBC.

She has an MBA from Schulich, but so do a lot of people. It’s more interesting to note that she is in a band, and loves hanging out with cows and alpacas when it comes up.

Instagram: @plaidpaddle
Twitter: @stephmarshall


Tracy Moore

After a decade (and still going!) as the host of the beloved lifestyle show Cityline, Tracy Moore says “it’s a dream gig,” and she’s as excited to go to work today as she was on Day 1. Tracy is fearlessly authentic, engaging, fun, constantly curious and so relatable that Cityline fans call her their “girlfriend.” A devoted mom who shares her #citylinereal on Instagram to thousands of fans, we love how she uses her platform to amplify issues from self-care to body image and race. 

Instagram: @thetracymoore
Twitter: @thetracymoore

Kate Hilton

Kate Hilton is a bestselling author, mostly of novels (including THE HOLE IN THE MIDDLE and JUST LIKE FAMILY).  Before turning to fiction, Kate worked in law, higher education, public relations and major gift fundraising.  She has an English degree from McGill University and a Law degree from the University of Toronto. She sits on the boards of The Writers’ Trust of Canada and Branksome Hall School. Kate lives with her blended family in Toronto, where she is finishing her third novel and starting her fourth. She still has to remind herself, occasionally, that she is a writer.
Instagram: @katemhilton
Twitter: @katemhilton

Avery Francis

Always looking to what’s next, Avery works with leading startups to navigate the world of talent acquisition and build a creative culture worth being a part of. A champion of diversity, inclusion and belonging, Avery is a founder of the Bridge program for female engineers as well as DITTO (Diversity and Inclusion Talks TO). Formerly the Head of Talent at League and Director of Talent at, Avery is the Founder of goodrecruiter a modern talent consultancy where she helps the world’s best startups grow. We love Avery’s views on taking risks, not just when it comes to your career but in everything in life. You can’t help but be inspired by her 100-watt smile and go-for-it energy!

Instagram: @averyfrancis
Twitter: @averyfrancis

Event Details

March 30th Agenda

11am: Registration, coffee and meet n’ greet.

11:30am: Welcome and Introduction: Nadine Araksi

12:00am – 12:45pm: Workshop #1 Identifying our Limiting Beliefs. The easy ones to find, but also the ones we keep hidden away.

1:00pm – 2:00pm: Panel discussion: Tracy Moore, Kate Hilton, Avery Francis, and Stephanie Marshall – Led by Nadine Araksi

2:00 – 2:40pm: Break with delicious snacks!

2:40 – 3:40pm: Workshop #2 How to overcome, or simply destroy your limiting beliefs.

3:40 – 4:00pm: Deep Dive Group Chat

4:00pm: Join us for a toast if you’re able *cash bar

Attire: Dress as your favourite version of you

We love the intimate venue right in Little Italy (it’s bigger than it looks).