Coaching Workshops for Organizations

Customized Coaching Workshops Organizations and Teams

Coaching is the fastest and most efficient way to build and strengthen leadership and collaboration. We create fully customizable online coaching workshops for organizations and your teams. We can create online coaching workshops (as well as in-person when possible). Our workshops work to find an optimized alignment with the needs of the individual and the team with the business goals.

Some of our current workshops for organiztions include:

  • Better “Working From Home” for Everyone*
  • Productivity: More than the to-do list
  • Building Self Discipline to Change your Results
  • Leadership
  • Reframing the Work-Life-Balance and Finding Possibilities
  • Collaboration & Goal Alignment
  • Integrating a Vision and Goals

* We have a targeted Working From Home Program created to address the needs of the companies who are pivoting quickly and must keep productivity and motivation optimized.


New Drivers for Personal Productivity and Efficiency

These days many employees feel slightly out of control and overwhelmed. This workshop will focus on empowering the participants with the tools to optimize their productivity and efficiency.

Participants will learn how the science of productivity applies to their strengths, weaknesses, and life, and will then have the tools to create a strong approach to the core tenents of productivity, which include: Goal Setting, Routines and Habits, Time Management, Accountability and Consistency.

Team Collaboration Productivity and Efficiency

This workshop will begin by focusing on the science of  individual productivity, and how this applies to the participants, and we will then layer on the elements critical to strong team productivity and efficiency.

The objective of this workshop is to identify opportunities, as well as current blind spots, limiting beliefs, or weaknesses – and then chart a customized team approach to optimize individual contributions and team results.

Workshops will be tailored to your specific company/industry needs.

Setting the Right Goals for Following Through

The masterclass and workshop in setting goals that actually make you want to get out of bed every morning. Learn about the science behind our habits, as well as simple tricks to adjust old patterns so you can build new, healthier ones. Plus get top tips and tricks to debunk myths, uncover your obstacles, and leave feeling empowered by your choices, not defeated by them. Get prepped to start the new year fresh and feel inspired to commit to a discipline you didn’t think you could achieve. We promise no generic answers. We value transparency, honesty, inclusivity, and encouragement.