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Personal Coaching in Toronto

Stephanie J. Marshall - ADHD Coach

Having ADHD can be a bit of a superpower when you know how to manage it.

ADHD people are so often intelligent, creative, interesting, funny, and kind and it’s so much easier for them to shine once they know how to manage their own brain. Each person with ADHD is different and is going to require different solutions. I coach adults with ADHD (no formal diagnosis required) to help them figure out the right systems and tools to get the results they want in their life.

Don’t let ADHD get in the way.

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ADHD is horribly named. It is not a deficit of attention it is a disorder of the brain related to executive function.

ADHD Inspirations

Ellen Page – Emma Watson – Ryan Gosling – Lisa Ling – Michael Phelps – Jennifer Lawrence – Bill Gates – Albert Einstein – Cher – Richard Branson – Jamie Oliver, the list goes on…


ADHD is consistently under-diagnosed and under-treated in women, especially when hyperactivity and behavior problems are absent.