2019 Kickstart Online: January 10th 8:30pm

Date: January 10th 2019
Time: 8:30pm – 10:00pm
Location: Online
Ticket Price: $50-$65

How often do women take the time to focus on their goals and what they really want?

The career landscape has changed dramatically, even in the last five years, but have you evolved how you go about setting goals and making changes?

Have you been wanting to change things up for a while, but are feeling stuck and overwhelmed at the thought of beginning? Have you been putting off making decisions about what you really want? Do you set resolutions, goals or a “word of the year” each and every December 31, only to find yourself back in your old and familiar habits by February?

This is for you. We guarantee you will leave ready to jump into 2019 with purpose, inspiring goals, and an action plan you are committed to following through.

Join us for a masterclass and workshop in setting exciting goals that make you want to get out of bed every morning. Learn about the science behind our habits, as well as simple tricks to adjust old patterns so you can build new, healthier ones. Plus get top tips and tricks to debunk myths, uncover your obstacles and leave feeling empowered by your choices, not defeated by them. Get prepped to start the new year fresh and feel inspired to commit to a discipline you didn’t think you could achieve. Let us help you conquer 2019 with intention and a plan.

We promise no generic answers. We value transparency, honesty, inclusivity and encouragement. Devote some time to the most important person in your life: YOU!


Event Details

Creating Change in Your Life

Nadine Araksi uses the power of story to help open the door to self-discovery and mindful living. Through the sharing of her own personal journey through pain, heartbreak and transformation, she sets the tone for an evening of openness and authentic vulnerability. 

Workshop: Get Ready for 2019

Stephanie Marshall, coaches interesting women who want to see a change in their life using a combination of tools including the evolving science of neuroplasticity, the latest research in productivity and habits, humour, and a natural ability to connect. The worshop will cover the basics in the following:

  • Setting the right goals
  • Habits & Beliefs
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Staying commited to your goals over time

In any left over time we will work towards the destruction of patriarchy.


$65.00 for one ticket

$50.00 for two or more tickets (great present idea for a friend)

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Nadine Araksi

Nadine Araksi (formerly Silverthorne) has spent nearly two decades creating click-worthy content and digital strategies for media companies, apps and websites. She has worked for exciting brands and publications like HGTV.ca, FoodTV.ca, Alliance Films, Canadian GeographicCanadian Family, Random House of Canada and Sweetspot.ca. She spent many happy years at Today’s Parent, helping drive the success of that brand in the digital and social space with the best people in the business (and got to offer her two cents on parenting, daily). She is currently the Director of Product Management for Rogers Publishing and thoroughly loves being a boss lady.

After navigating her youngest child’s rare disease and subsequent hospitalization in 2013, followed by the breakup of her marriage in 2017, Nadine found solace in the communities and friendships she had cultivated over the years. Always on one journey of self-discovery or another, Nadine hopes to share her experiences of moving from darkness to light with courage, kindness and gratitude with those who are ready to listen and use them as a catapult for their own journeys.


Stephanie Marshall

Stephanie Marshall is a transformation and mindset coach, speaker, and the founder of Plaid Paddle. She coaches interesting and driven women who have decided that they want to change something (or multiple things) in their life either in one-on-one sessions, or in group programs. Stephanie loves stirring the pot, encouraging people to get out of their comfort zone, and leading people towards what makes them feel that they are at their best.

Previously Stephanie worked in the digital content, marketing, and strategy space as an independent consultant, in the agency world, and in the media sector. She has worked with brands and companies including Shoppers Drug Mart, Rogers Media brands including those in publishing, television, and radio, Molson, Trojan, Royal Bank, Holt Renfrew, and CBC.

She has an MBA from Schulich, but so do a lot of people. It’s more interesting to note that she is in a band, and loves hanging out with cows and alpacas when it comes up.

Instagram: @plaidpaddle
Twitter: @stephmarshall

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