The career landscape has changed dramatically, even in the last five years, but have you evolved how you go about setting goals and making changes?


We decided that we would only do this event if we could make it powerful enough that it had the potential to change the course of someone’s life. The panelists had to be interesting, inspiring, and entertaining, and the workshop content had to be original and differ from the same old New Years resolution stuff you see everywhere. Added bonus of great food and a comfortable venue in little Italy because women so seldom take the time for themselves. We are very excited about what we have put together!


Women who want to make 2019 count and would like to use this event as dedicated time to focus on themselves and their future, both whether they have a clear vision of what they want or if they haven’t quite gotten that far yet.

To give examples and be useful, here are five times I could have benefitted from this event:

  1. Fresh out of University (Undergrad and MBA) and oscillating between what I should do and what I would love.
  2. When I had the Best Job Ever and was more focused on that than the next steps.
  3. When I was in the Worst Job Ever and was bored and uninspired, going through the motions of looking for the next opportunity.
  4. As I started my first “Side Hustle” and also as a new Entrepreneur and there were so many ups and downs, as well as a constant cycle of fear, excitement, and exhaustion.
  5. Right now: I’m always inspired and driven to do my best when I’m surrounded by women who are way cooler than me.


Choices and Making Decisions that Matter:

  • How do you capitalize on your strengths and uniqueness?
  • The illusion of risk and the illusion of safety
  • Practicality is often both under-rated and over-rated


  • Do you have clear goals for 2019?
  • If you do have clear goals, how are they aligned with how you want your life to look five years from now?
  • Are you excited about 2019 or are you working towards what you “should” want, or just following the logical next step?


  • How are your current habits working for you?
  • What have you been meaning to change?
  • What do you absolutely need to change if you are going to achieve your goals? Invisible


  • Why smart women can be more annoying to coach (even though I love them)… I will explain
  • What are you not factoring in?

.. And other things!

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