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Private General Coaching and ADHD Coaching 

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It’s time to commit to yourself and find out what you are actually capable of!

Private Online Coaching

I’m going to take you through the following:

1. Getting really clear on what you want short term and the long term. I will help you get out of your head and set the right goals based on how you want to live your life and who you want to be.

2. Building the habits, mindset, and self-image you need to get the results you want. You will develop unprecedented awareness of your thoughts, beliefs, and assumptions, in order to shift away from what is no longer working for you.

3. Making decisions and following through consistently. I will show you how to better understand and manipulate your own personal operating system in order to strengthen the alignment between what you want, and what you habitually do.

I’m committed to being your thinking partner to find the right ideas, decisions, commitments, and risks you need to create actual change, and support you while you do the work.

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Going Beyond Motivation

There’s no secret sauce for success, so we will be going further than just fleeting motivation (although motivation is often a great side effect). Achieving mind-blowing results takes consistency, and my collaborative approach is tailored to give you the training and tools that will last long beyond the coaching.

My general private coaching and ADHD coaching clients have included media executives, tech entrepreneurs, artists, designers, doctors, finance people, and more, and have ranged in age from 24 to 86 years old! Some clients focus on their career development or a career shift, while others are more focused on creating balance or improving habits.

I’m positive, efficient, transparent, and will focus on the goals you really want for your life. To be blunt, no cookie-cutter cliché or trendy meaningless jargon.

Everyone is Different

People have different goals and ambitions, as well as different skills, responsibilities, and levels of flexibility in their life. I don’t make assumptions about what’s best for you, and I will work with you to find the right solution for you and what matters to you.

Science is Awesome

My coaching is results-oriented and built on research from peer-reviewed science. The research on habits, change, success, the brain, and happiness has exploded over the last few years, and old myths are dying fast. I stay up to date on the latest findings and infuse this into everything I do, from coaching to workshops, and speeches. Neuroplasticity is the best.

Coaching with Stephanie is amazing. She has such an ability to make you focus on what is truly important to you, to help you align your actions to your goals and nudge you in the right direction with unflinching honesty and perseverance! Her coaching is tailored to your needs and always energizing. I highly recommend working with her, plus she is quite cool. 

Iulianna Calin

I’ve really been inspired by Steph’s group work. It is wonderful to hear from and get to know other women’s journeys. Not only do I benefit from Steph one-on-one, but can tap into a network of amazing ladies. I’ve really come to appreciate how a little time and a little writing can make a big impact.

Jessica McLaughlin

After a challenging year, I was trying to regain my footing and rediscover my energy and passion. Trying to do it myself resulted only in a constant circle of thoughts. Stephanie helped me break that cycle and focus on my goals by taking small steps that added up to big changes. The coaching was really tailored to me and my needs and gave me not only a renewed sense of energy and purpose but also Steph’s positivity and warmth really inspired me to see things differently. A great experience!

Julia Nicholson

Stephanie J. Marshall  –  MBA

General Coach /ADHD Coach 

I help people connect to what they really want and discover what they are capable of. Although I don’t always fit the stereotype of a coach (admit it, you have a picture in your head), I’ve always excelled at helping people determine what drives them and creating systems to simplify change.

I spent many years in the corporate world and I’ve worked with large and small companies in many industries including journalism, media, marketing, finance, and retail. This has allowed me a front-row seat at different corporate cultures, working environments, and individual productivity styles. I’ve combined this first-hand experience with the latest research and tools from several fields including behavioural psychology, organizational psychology, the science of habits, neuroplasticity, and more to create custom solutions for individual clients and companies.

As well as Plaid Paddle, I’m also the co-founder of Kickstartology Coaching which is focused on Online Group Coaching for Women. and I host a podcast called Casually Coaching Strangers (which is exactly what it sounds like, I coach an anonymous stranger each week). When I’m not coaching, my favourite things include being at the cottage with the dog, performing stand-up comedy, and hot yoga. And last-minute spontaneous get-togethers.

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Coaching is the most effective way to learn how to consistently follow through on your commitments to yourself without relying on willpower.

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Personal Coaching

Custom coaching based on your needs whether it be your career or your business, personal, or a combination. We work on setting the right goals, identifying blind spots, productivity, building habits and discipline, using self-coaching tools, and mindset.

ADD / ADHD Coaching

Don’t let the symptoms define you or dictate your life. We will work together to create customized solutions for you to feel confident, organized, and in control, and for you to build and maintain forward momentum.

Corporate Workshops & Programs

Setting and attaining goals, productivity, getting past busy. My workshops are entertaining and provide practical actionable insights on goals setting, planning, mindset, and habits to drive lasting results. I work with groups or corporate teams.
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