What does your very best look like?

The way you live your days is the way you live your life, and my mission is to enable you to be living your best fulfilling and happy life. If you are ready to take on this challenge, I will work with you to determine your goals, identify blindspots and obstacles, defeat procrastination and stagnation, optimize your productivity, and gain momentum in order to achieve meaningful results.

Coaching & Workshops

I’m excited to be your thinking partner to find the right ideas, decisions, commitments, and risks you need to create change, and support you while you do the work. Unfortunately there’s no secret sauce for success, so I’m not here to just instill fleeting motivation (although motivation is often a great side effect). Achieving results takes consistent hard work, and my collaborative approach is tailored to give you training and tools that will last. I’m positive, efficient, transparent, and will focus on the goals you really want for your life. To be blunt – no cookie-cutter cliché or trendy meaningless jargon… because who needs that? Oh, and it will be seriously satisfying to experience the progress and reach new heights. Try my complimentary mini coaching session to see if it’s a fit!

Everyone is Different

I don’t make assumptions, and I work with you to find what’s right for you, because progress and productivity isn’t a one-size-fits-all thing. People have different goals and ambitions, as well as different responsibilities and levels of flexibility in their life. Furthermore, people have different mindsets, strenghts and weaknesses, and productivity profiles. It’s important to me that you like the process and feel that it’s a fit.

Science is Awesome

The science behind habits, change and success,individual and group productivity, corporate culture and efficiency, and ADD/ADHD has exploded over the last few years, and old myths are dying fast. I stay up to date on the latest findings and infuse this into everything I do, from coaching, to workshops, and speeches.

Success Coaching

For people who are ready to take charge and create meaningful change in their life. We work on goal setting, identifying blind spots, productivity, habits, tools, and mindset. Focusing on what needs attention, whether it be business, personal, or a combination. 

ADD / ADHD Coaching

Working together to create customized solutions for you to feel confident, organized, and in control, and for you to build and maintain forward momentum. 

Productivity Workshops

Practical actionable insights on goals setting, planning, mindset, and habits to drive lasting results. I work with groups or corporate teams teams. 

Event Speaker

Motivating audiences with valuable strategies and skills based on the science of productivity, as well as real-world examples. No stock-image and jargon-filled slides. 

"What if you were always as productive as the day before a vacation?"

"A motivational quote never changed a life"

"I wish I had procrastinated and stayed on the couch surfing Facebook" said no one ever

"Because not everyone is going to wake up at 5:00am"

Stephanie Marshall

Coach / Founder / MBA

I get really excited about helping people move towards their goals and watching them transform their lives. Although I don’t always fit the stereotype of a productivity expert and coach (admit it, you have a picture in your head), I’ve always excelled at driving people and creating systems to simplify things.

I spent many years in the corporate world and I’ve worked with large and small companies in many industries including media, marketing, finance, and retail. This has allowed me a front row seat at different corporate cultures, working environments, and individual productivity styles. I’ve combined this first hand experience with the latest research to create custom solutions for individual clients.

When I’m not coaching, my favourite things include being at the cottage with the dog, fronting my band that plays in Kensington Market, and hot yoga. And last minute spontaneous get togethers with my best people.

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